Davidson - Dec. 18'

The Davidson’s are a local Napa Family of 5; Mom, Dad, and 3 absolutely ADORABLE little ones! Both graduated from Napa High School. Dad works at Queen of the Valley Hospital as a nurse, where we share some mutual friends! Mom also previously worked at the Hospital and now is a stay at home Mom- and I can’t say it enough, what a great job she is doing! These little ones have the most amazing personalities and manners, they are so easy to immediately fall in love with.

For their Napa Family Photoshoot Mom wanted something rustic, but with some manicured greenery as well. So I took them out to a local winery that offered a great mix of both. There was a huge pond surrounded by dried rustic flora and beautiful trees, a long paved driveway, manicured greenery, AND we spotted a bonus run down house on the side that provided some amazing rustic 6 month old photos for their youngest! The sun peaked through the trees just right this day and the family was in good spirits- a perfect setup for a photographer! The kids ranged from age 5, 3 and 6 months; which was so much fun and allowed me to get a wide range of fun photos with the kids. I really loved being able to start the session off with family photos and ending it with a 6 month old session; it was like getting a two for one- both for them and for me! This was my first time using this location, so exploring it was a blast. Between figuring out the best spots to shoot and Mom sneaking in a feeding for the youngest, we did start to loose some light at the end. A challenge that many photographers are used to facing. It taught me the best way to utilize the property for the next shoot, and gave me a better idea for flow for next time as well- sometimes you have to live and learn! Regardless of this hiccup I got some great shots. I absolutely love this session and hope you do too!

Nadine Kelley