Tholcke - Dec. 18'

Meet the Tholcke Kids! It was extremely fun being able to focus an entire session with just the kids. It creates a completely different dynamic, and I feel, allows them to truly be silly and fun in their own element. During sessions like these I am also able to focus on grabbing those awesome individual shots of each kid that parents love to have for years and years to come as their little ones grow up!

This family is from Napa; I actually went to Napa High with Mom. She wanted to take the kids out to Mare Island, which is just about 30 minutes outside Napa. It has a wide range of architecture and landscape, providing tons of options for a photographer to work with! This Mom really wanted to focus on having the church in the background where her and Dad got married- which created a story in the photos that I fell in love with! These guys were so much fun. The oldest, William, was outgoing and crazy in all the best ways and his personality shined through each photo. In the middle, Maggie, was shy at first and then warmed up to be the sweetest little girl. And last but not least the youngest, Hugh, who being 2 years, old was all over the place and didn’t want to sit still- so I found fun ways to keep him still for group shots. For example you’ll see below that I put him in the wooden crate and surrounded him with his brother and sister; the shot turned out so adorable! The lighting at Mare Island this morning was beautiful and perfect, I rarely do morning sessions but really enjoyed it and hope for more to come my way!

I am looking forward to the next time I get to work with the Tholcke Family!