Thompson - Dec. 18'

This session is one of my all time favorites, at one of my all time favorite locations- which I will not disclose! The Thompson Family brought their a-game with their wardrobe choice; the second Vicky got out of the car with her lace dress in the most to die for color, I was instantly excited to get started. Her husband James in a Black sweater and their daughter Scarlett in a cream sweater with the most adorable pink pleated skirt and knit scarf. The thing I loved most about their wardrobe choice was they went with colors that went well together without being overly “matchy” and the style matched the location- these are key tips to remember when styling your family for your session, it really makes all the difference.

This location features rolling hills over looking The Valley, vineyards, tons of trees and during this time of year dried grass fields. I loved that this day was overcast and we were able to explore and utilize so much. These guys were the easiest to work with, so cute, loving and easy going. They just absolutely NAILED every aspect of the shoot. They ended up with 200+ fully edited photos!

Nadine Kelley