Nicole & Joe - Dec. 18'

This beautiful couple are personal friends of mine. Both are locals born and raised here in Napa. Joe Mariani graduated from Justin-Siena High School and Nicole Kampton from Napa High School. They reached-out in the hopes of having a Couples Portrait Session done out at the Mariani Family Estate in Napa, CA that burned down during the 2017 Napa Fire.

The day before the shoot I drove out to the property to scope out the location, lighting, best flow, etc. - you know all things us Photographers like to do to get prepared for a session. Well I pulled up, and holy cow was I blown away! The property featured a private lake, rolling hills, beautiful oak trees- and even though the housing structure had burned down there was remnants of gorgeous stone walls, elegant light fixtures and in all the property still stunningly stood!

The day of the shoot the couple was running a little behind, so we lost some lighting in front of the lake and weren’t able to utilize it as much as we’d hoped. BUT because I went and scoped the property out the day before I knew the best way to work around that- which was so incredibly useful in a pinch such as this where you feel like you may loose that golden hour lighting we all love. I have to say this session turned out to be one of my absolute favorites. Nicole and Joe were so fun and playful with one another, and not to mention are just naturally photogenic (I’m jealous haha!) I love these shots and can’t wait to get them back up there for another shoot sometime in the future!

Nadine Kelley